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Just Keep Walking

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Daily walking is not only good for your health it is also good for the soul. Adding physical activity to your daily routine does not have to be difficult. Simply adding 15 minutes of walking to your day has its benefits. Benefits of walking include lower BMI, lower blood pressure, lower stress and improved mood.

According to the Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee walking is the most popular aerobic activity and has one of the lowest injury rates of any form of exercise.

Remember these important tips before you hit the road walking:

  • Pain Free is the Way to BE

  • Wear appropriate footwear

  • Don’t forget that warm-up and cool down

  • Difficulty talking or catching your breath? SLOW DOWN!

You are never too busy for walking. Here are some creative ways to add walking to your day:

  • Park further away and walk

  • Turn shopping into walking

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator

  • Walk your dog or cat whatever you prefer

  • Enjoy the fresh air and take a hike

Please join us for JTOPS Week 2 New Year, New You challenge by adding 15 minutes of walking per day.

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